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Twists and turns once again.  The individual I found to do my Audio Books came to realize he didn't have the time to do it, so once again I had to take a different road.  I had been thinking about recording the books myself, but I wasn't sure where I could do that.  Problem resolved and I decided to record them myself.  A friend at work informed me that the Libary had a media center  with audio rooms where you can record.  I'm a member, so it costs me nothing.  I had done a little voice over work and I love telling stories, so I thought why not?   So, that is what I'm doing and I'm loving it.  I'm 10 chapters into 20 chapters of my first book, "Time Release."  It is a very time consuming project, (3 hrs per chapter) but I'm so blessed that I have a place I can afford -0- to do it.  So, I hope you'll hang in there and I'll let you know when the 1st book, "Time Release" is done and out on Amazon.  Thank you.

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